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Women Helping Women Fund Receives Three-Year Grant from Murdock Charitable Trust to Enhance Development Efforts and Expand Impact Through Collective Giving


Women Helping Women Fund, a leading nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering and supporting women and children in the Spokane community, announces the receipt of a three-year grant from the Murdock Charitable Trust. This transformative grant is specifically allocated to hire a development director, a key leadership role that will play a pivotal part in advancing the organization's mission and sustainability.

The Murdock Charitable Trust, known for its commitment to supporting organizations that make a lasting impact, recognizes the vital role that Women Helping Women Fund plays in the Spokane community. This grant underscores the Murdock Charitable Trust's dedication to fostering positive change.

In addition to the grant news, Women Helping Women Fund is excited to share the growth of its Giving Circle—a collective giving initiative that allows community members to pool their resources to support impactful programs. The organization has witnessed an increase in participation within the Giving Circle, highlighting a broader trend of philanthropy gaining momentum across the country.

The concept of giving circles represents a wave of collective giving, where individuals come together to amplify their impact and make a difference in their communities. Women Helping Women Fund's Giving Circle provides a platform for donors to engage directly with the organization's mission, contribute to strategic grantmaking decisions, and experience the collective power of philanthropy.

“Our Giving Circle has become an integral part of our community engagement strategy, fostering a sense of shared responsibility and collective impact,” said Heather Hamlin, executive director at Women Helping Women Fund. “We believe in the power of individuals joining forces to create positive change in Spokane.”

The newly appointed development director, funded by the Murdock Charitable Trust's grant for three years, will play a key role in leveraging this momentum to further enhance the Giving Circle's reach and impact, creating a more sustainable and robust platform for local community-driven philanthropy.

This dual announcement reflects Women Helping Women Fund's commitment to strengthening its internal capacity through strategic hires and fostering a culture of collective philanthropy that engages the broader community.

Application Period is Now Open. Interested applicants can learn more about this role at

For additional information about Women Helping Women Fund, the Development Director position, and the Giving Circle, please contact Heather Hamlin at or 509.328.8285.


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