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What a day!

Over 1100 guests joined us back at the Spokane Convention Center for Give Like a Woman, our newly envisioned spring event 31 years in the making. I think we can all agree- if you liked the historical Luncheon, you'll love this new twist!

At Women Helping Women Fund, we know that giving like a woman means more than just making a donation. It involves principles like compassion, values, vision, and responsibility. It means creating new solutions, committing through volunteerism, and connecting with those who benefit. It also means celebrating the deeper meaning of philanthropy (which is the love of humanity!).

Anyone can give like a woman! If you are passionate about creating meaningful change in the lives of local women and children in need, than this is for you. 100% of donations at this event will fund grants to local nonprofits and scholarships to mothers.

We asked if we could count on your support- and Spokane showed up BIG time!

  • Over 150 NEW Giving Circle Members

  • Nearly $200,000 in individual donations

  • Support from 65 Corporate Partners

Learn more about the 19 INCREDIBLE nonprofits selected for funding! 


Photo Booth Memories

We partnered with Providence to provide guests with not one- but two memorable photo booth experiences.  Way to strike a pose!



Shiza Shahid


Shiza Shahid is an entrepreneur, investor, technologist, and impact leader. She co-founded the Malala Fund with Nobel Prize winner Malala Yousafzai and led the organization as founding CEO. She is now the CoFounder of Our Place, a mission-driven e-commerce startup that is creating products and telling stories that celebrate cultural traditions and reinvest in communities, through the lens of food and home-cooking.

Shiza invests in mission-driven startups, female and diverse entrepreneurs through her fund NOW Ventures, which she founded in partnership with AngelList, the largest venture capital platform in the world. She is also a prominent speaker and story-teller, keynoting conferences around the world, sharing her personal story, and inspiring people to make an impact in their own unique ways. She was named one of Time Magazine’s 30 under 30 people changing the world, Forbes Magazine’s 30 under 30 social entrepreneurs, and one of Elle Magazine’s Top Women in Tech.

GLW Our Speaker
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State of Women & Children in Spokane County


First released in 2019, the second iteration of this landmark report made it's debut during the event. 

This report and dashboard compile the region’s most comprehensive qualitative and quantitative data into one singular report. It's like a one-stop-shop for all the important info on the issues facing women and children.


The overarching goal of this project is to help our community strategically and pointedly focus on areas of greatest needs – areas where we can go upstream and impact change collectively. 

Thank you to these project partners: Empire Health Foundation, Perigee Fund, Providence, Marie Lamfrom Charitable Foundation, Spokane Domestic Violence Coalition, and Spokane Regional Health District.

SWAC 2.0 cover.png

Corporate Partners

Thank you to the corporate partners who help extend the reach and expand the impact of our mission! And a special shout-out to these major partners...

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