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Changing Our Forecast: The State of Women and Children in Spokane County

This project was a collaboration across a multitude of talented and skilled team members from Spokane Regional Health District, Innovia Foundation, MultiCare Health System, Providence Health Care, and Eastern Washington University

About the Project

We know a child’s future health and well-being are affected by the economic class into which they are born. A child born into poverty is more likely to have poorer health, lower educational attainment, and face more adversities than a child born into an economically stable family.

Woman and child

Where should we focus our attention to make a lasting and deep impact on issues facing so many of the women and children in our community?


What can be done to alter the outcomes of women struggling to afford life’s most basic necessities?


How can we reshape the future of a young girl who’s starting out in life with the odds already stacked against her?

Framed in a way that demonstrates the importance of poverty and childhood adversity and their potential to cycle across generations, this report provides synthesized data that shines a light on areas of greatest need, allowing us to proactively confront challenges and track need over time to determine whether or not we’re making a difference.

We believe we can. With your help, we believe we will.

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Companion Dashboard

Project stakeholders are interested in tracking the status of women and children over time and encouraging investments in key issues impacting generational poverty and overall well-being. In addition to this report, a complementary online dashboard hosts a selection of the most currently available data. Housed within the Spokane Regional Health District's site, the data dashboard can be used by the community as an ongoing source of reliable information.

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