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We support local women and children, removing the barriers to their success, and bringing the community together to fund non-profit partners that can make that happen. That's why we've awarded more than $7 million in high-impact grants to fund projects and programs in Spokane County. Learn more about our grantees and their impactful projects.


Catholic Charities of Eastern Washington

Childbirth and Parenting Assistance (CAPA)

CAPA/PREPARES (Childbirth and Parenting Assistance) provides an environment for parents to build loving bonds with their kids to prepare them for a healthy future. CAPA/PREPARES offers stabilizing and advocacy services to expecting and parenting individuals and families with children ages five and under.

Community-Minded Enterprises

LegUp for Families Seeking Childcare

LegUp is an integrated vacancy collection and enrollment technology that will transform child care access for families and business operations for child care providers. It is a cost-effective way to connect families to vacant child care slots in real-time (including those accepting subsidy) and increase providers’ enrollment–with the goal of having all of their slots fully enrolled at all times.

Family Promise of Spokane

Family Infant House

The Family Infant House (FIH) is Spokane County’s first 24/7 emergency shelter for families with infants experiencing homelessness. Children, especially infants, need structure and stability. The FIH provides new parents with a private, dignified space that allows them to bond and form healthy attachments with their newborn(s).

Feast Collective

Case Management, Support, and Financial Literacy

This program supports mothers fleeing domestic abuse, sexual assault, intimate partner violence/abuse, specifically underwriting hours for case management, resources navigation, financial literacy in rebuilding finances, and other support for economic resilience.

Nuestras Raíces Centro Comunitario

Esperanza (Hope)

Esperanza is a culturally and linguistically attuned social and wellness program that optimizes health for Hispanic/Latinx community members. Through one-to-one navigation and support groups, they advance family healing, improve food security, increase access to mainstream benefits, bolster mental health, and build connections to LGBTQ support.

Odyssey Youth Movement

Drop-In Meals and Food Access

The Basic Needs Programs, specifically the communal meals and snack kitchen at Drop-In and the send-home food supplies, ensure that LGBTQ+ youth and young adults have access to plentiful, diverse, and nutritious food without being saddled with the baggage of what food is "good" or "bad" for you.

Olive Crest

Host Families

Host Families supports & strengthens families going through crises, such as domestic violence, homelessness, unemployment or illness. These situations make caring for children difficult putting them at higher risk for traumatic experiences. Host Families matches a family with a volunteer host family that will care for their children during times of crisis for as long as necessary.

Partners Inland Northwest

Food for Thought

Food for Thought (FFT) provides weekend meals to K-12 students experiencing homelessness or poverty during the school year and summer school. We serve 500-700 students weekly in 23 schools. In addition, FFT stocks pantries at high schools, supplying groceries, diapers, school supplies, and clothing. Additionally, FFT stocks food, clothing, diapers, school supplies, and store gift cards weekly at the Central Valley School District Student and Family Engagement Center. In summer, FFT supplies transportation and food to unaccompanied homeless teens.

Partners with Families & Children

Brave Voices

Brave Voices provides an opportunity for children to tell their story to a professional in a safe space. Funding will support the Children’s Advocacy Center (CAC) to provide Forensic interviews (FI), which are the cornerstone of a child abuse investigation, safety planning, and subsequent prosecution. The FI is the beginning of the road toward healing for children.

Project Beauty Share

Fortify Hygiene Supplies

This program provides personal hygiene, cosmetics, and beauty products to non-profit organizations who serve women and families overcoming abuse, addiction, homelessness, and poverty to help restore hope and dignity in their lives.

SNAP Financial Access

Women's Business Center

The WBC helps women succeed in business by providing training, mentoring, business planning and access to capital for disadvantaged women entrepreneurs. Funding will be used to increase BIPOC participation in WBC programs by supporting the co-location of our Financial Stability programs at the Carl Maxey Center (CMC). WBC services are designed to prepare women to increase household income by becoming successful entrepreneurs and improve access to capital.

Second Harvest Inland Northwest

Healthy Eating Initiative: Community Cooking Classes

Classes will be taught at housing and community sites where women with children live and gather. Nutrition educators will use Food Smarts, a learner-centered curriculum geared toward low-income audiences and used extensively in SNAP-Ed programs. The classes will empower women to develop confidence in the kitchen and increase their knowledge of nutrition, empowering them to feed themselves and their families affordably, moving them toward greater self-sufficiency and health.

Spark Central

Level Up

Level Up is an out-of-school-time program that blends creative enrichment with resiliency-building in STEAM clubs, targeting 3rd-6th grade students of color and low-income children at two Title I schools. Level Up builds resiliency against ACEs (adverse childhood experiences) with protective factors such as relationships with caring adults (Level Up volunteer mentors and staff), a caring community, and the chance to build confidence, self-regulation, and creativity. Kids who build resiliency are less likely to experience disparities like substance use and mental health challenges.

The Arc of Spokane

Life After High School

Life After High School (LAHS) is a 3-series workshop for parents whose children with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) are transitioning out of high school. There are many components to transition services including person-centered planning, supported decision making, self-advocacy, applying for services through the Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA), applying for Social Security, money management, employment, healthy relationships, and more. LAHS provides parents/caregivers with the tools to work with their child to help them live an empowered life of choice.



EduCare program provides trauma-informed childcare for kids (ages 0-5) from families experiencing homelessness and poverty. EduCare kids have often experienced multiple Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), including hunger, neglect, abuse, parent incarceration, CPS involvement, and other traumas. EduCare programming works to offset ACEs’ negative impacts through attachment-focused care, parenting skill training, and afterschool/summer care. EduCare ensures that moms can pursue employment, treatment, or education knowing that their children are safe, fed, loved, and learning.


Graduation Success

Graduation Success is Treehouse’s core education program that helps high school youth in foster care access resources, plan for their future, and graduate from high school. Youth receive the support they need to develop a sense of self determination and self-advocacy skills and coach youth in planning for life beyond high school.

Vanessa Behan

Emergency Respite Care

Vanessa Behan is a safe place for children to stay when their families are stressed and overwhelmed. Children between birth and 12 can stay up to 72 hours. Our care is grounded in trauma-informed principles and includes social/emotional learning in order to help children repair their damaged stress-response systems. With the addition of Positive to the ACE framework (now PACE), Vanessa Behan provides developmentally appropriate play activities. Having a positive play experience is vital to their development & gives them a break from the stress they experience at home.

Women & Children's Free Restaurant

Nutrition Security

This program increases access to food and emphasizes the importance of nutrition. WCFR transforms donated and purchased nutritious ingredients into prepared meals and curated grocery boxes that are distributed in their parking lot and at 23 partner locations.

YWCA Spokane

Domestic Violence Services Center: Education & Outreach

YWCA is our community’s only provider of mental health therapy services intentionally focused on equipping survivors of DV to process trauma symptoms. While they participate in services, survivors heal from trauma and learn valuable techniques to manage anxiety symptoms, which in turn helps them experience greater overall wellbeing in multiple aspects of their lives.

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