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Collective Giving


Women Helping Women Fund Collective Giving Members magnify impact through giving, education, engagement and voting in order to improve the lives of women and children in Spokane County.

Collective Giving Membership Levels

Women Helping Women Fund Collective Giving Members contribute financially to grants, learn about the issues facing our community, witness work in action, and help decide which nonprofits receive funding. Why should you become a Collective Giving Member? It’s powerful. Your donation, combined with others, will create larger grants and have a bigger impact locally than most of us can have on our own.

WHWF is a “No Guilt” organization. There aren’t time requirements, meetings, or mandatory events - and you still get to vote for organizations to fund. Because that is what collective giving is about. Pooling resources together to make the strongest impact for our community.

Supporting Member


Comes with a vote each grant cycle (two voting windows per cycle), a complimentary Annual Luncheon ticket, and an invite to the fall Member Appreciation event.

Pioneer Circle Member


Comes with a full vote each grant cycle (two voting windows per cycle), three complimentary Annual Luncheon tickets, and an invite to the fall Member Appreciation event and a VIP event.

Exploring Member


Comes with a vote each grant cycle (two voting windows per cycle) and an invite to the fall Member Appreciation event.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a recurring donation and membership?

Members of the Collective Giving Community get to take part in the grantmaking process through voting in the summer and spring. Members also have access to volunteer opportunities, site tours, donation drives, and virtual discussions with local leaders. Recurring donations provide consistent monthly support to WHWF. However you choose to support, we appreciate you!


Can I make a one time donation?

Absolutely! Support of WHWF comes in all shapes and forms. If you are looking to make a one time donation as a Friend of WHWF visit whwfspokane.org/donate.


If you would like to make a membership contribution as a one-time gift, choose one of the membership levels above, select the Annual Pledge option, and uncheck the Gift Frequency box.


What is the time commitment required for members?

WHWF is a “No Guilt” organization – and we mean it! There is no required time commitment and voting is perk of your membership. We offer different ways to be engaged. You can be involved at whatever level makes sense for you. No meetings or events are mandatory for members.


Do I have to be invited to join as a member? Is membership open to men?

Everyone is invited! Membership is open to all.


Is my membership contribution tax deductible?

Yes, all contributions to WHWF are fully tax-deductible.


Can I use a matching gift to pay for my membership?

Absolutely, and you will still earn all the benefits of membership. Simply indicate the name of the matching entity and amount in the comment section during signup. 


Can I contribute more than $600? Are there any benefits if I contribute more than $600?

We love working with generous givers! The more you give, the more we help our community! And if you pledge $2,500 or more, you are invited join the Pioneer Circle and receive special benefits. 


How can I join the Pioneer Circle? 

You can qualify to join the Pioneer Circle by pledging more than $2,500 annually.


How much experience do I need to participate in the grants process?

None! We provide the training and information that you need to make effective, informed decisions as part of our grants process.


How do I sign up to participate in the grants process?

All members will receive invitations via email for all stages of our annual grants process – so keep an eye on your inbox!


When will I be able to participate in the grants process?

  • August/September - Members vote on funding areas for the upcoming grant cycle 

  • September - Grants cycle begins 

  • January/February - Grantee finalist information provided to members 

  • March - Members vote on final grantees and funds are dispersed to grantees