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Recognizing Volunteers

This year we say goodbye and thank you to three outgoing board members Stacy Wenzl, Traci McGlathery and Anne Cowles. During their time on the board, Women Helping Women Fund has grown tremendously. We are forever grateful for the time, talent, and treasure they brought to the organization over the years. Read more about these three outstanding volunteers below:

Traci served as WHWF Board President in 2018-19. Her strong skillset in event and volunteer management was especially helpful as she streamlined logistics of the Annual Benefit Luncheon (Spokane's largest plated lunch). Most recently, Traci has Co-Chaired the Allocations Committee. Under her leadership we implemented a Letter of Intent process and strengthened our commitment data and research.

Traci says, "I remember seeing everyone gathered for the first Luncheon. At that time, I was working a summer job cleaning the building and setting up the room. I saw the power of what was starting. Fast forward to 2016, I was honored to be asked to join the board. I have the privilege of serving with so many fantastic, smart, committed women. Women who are working together to affect change - to help others."

In 2016, Anne brought an idea to the WHWF Board of Directors. A big project. Something that would allow us to adjust our funding to strategically and proactively tackle issues AND track need over over time to see if we were helping to actually make a difference. A Community Needs Workgroup was established in partnership with Spokane Regional Health District and the project took off.

Under Stacy's leadership as Project Manager and Co-Author, Anne's idea spurred the landmark collaborative report, State of Women and Children in Spokane County. We synthesized data from health, economic and nonprofits through a lens focused solely on women and children. We shared this information with nonprofit agencies, city and county officials, and others to help focus on areas that the data indicated were gaps and needed attention.

A BIG thank you to Stacy, Traci and Anne for their dedication!


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