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What is a collective giving community?

Sometimes known as “giving circles,” most collective giving grantmaking groups are women-centric and have similar goals and shared desires for enriching their communities. Some organizations focus on specific giving areas; others give in a broad variety of categories. Most share the following elements:

  • Members decide their own level of involvement

  • Pooled fund made up of members’ contributions collected annually

  • Voluntary governance and operating boards that minimize infrastructure expenses

  • Commitment to women’s leadership opportunities and expanded members’ knowledge of informed philanthropy

  • Formal grantmaking process led by members, including hands-on member training to ensure informed, strategic philanthropic giving

  • Democratic decision-making process that includes voting by the membership to select annual grant recipients

  • Commitment to support transformative grantmaking

  • Educational forums and /or training for members, as well as annual grant review committees that track grant effectiveness for those organizations awarded

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